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Cattle and Poultry Supplies

Are your horses getting everything they need to grow up healthy and strong? For horse supplies and other animal needs, call Montrose Feed & Supply in Montrose, PA. We also have a wide assortment of dairy cattle and poultry supplies available in our store. We are a family-run and owned company. Together, we cater to the needs of pet lovers in the area.

Knowledgeable Store Owners

As animal needs store owners, we are committed to helping our fellow animal lovers find everything they need to keep their pets healthy and happy. Our store never runs out of good finds, ranging from nutritious feeds to cute gifts and greeting cards for pet lovers. We also have ample knowledge in equine, poultry, and dairy cattle, so rest assured that we you are in good hands with us.

Get Everything You Need

Save time and energy when you shop in our store. Given the wide array of products we offer, you no longer have to visit different animal supply shops to get everything your pet needs. Just browse our website and look for the specific items you need to purchase. If a particular item is currently not available in our store, kindly let us know. We’ll order it for you. Learn more about us by dialing 570-278-9453 today.

Montrose Feed and Supply