Barn and Veterinary Supplies

Therapeutic Ingredients and Effects

If you are in need of excellent barn and veterinary supplies to care for your animals, rely on Montrose Feed & Supply in Montrose, PA. Check out our barn animal products. We also offer therapeutic products that help your animals relax from stress.

Animal MedicineAbsorbine Veterinary Liniment 16 Ounce

Manufacturer: W.F. Young
Model: 427780

Multi-use formula for sore muscles and more. Antiseptic for minor cuts. Refreshing antifungal body wash. Helps prevent hoof and sole infections. Made with proprietary blend of herbal extracts: calendula, echinacea and wormwood.

Muck Tub

Muck Tub

Manufacturer: Miller Manufacturing Company

Made from high-density polyethylene that protects against warpage and helps prevent stress cracks. Poly rope handles for easy transport.

Dura Fork

Plastic Dura Fork Hot Pink

Manufacturer: Miller Manufacturing Company


Made from extra strong polycarbonate. Original dura fork with 52 inch handle. Fork head 13 1/8 long and 15 1/8 wide.

Step Stool

Dura Tote Step Stool Red

Manufacturer: Miller Manufacturing Company

Ideal for use around the barn or home. Small internal tray is perfect for storing clipper blades and braiding materials. Stool features a non-skid top. Stool capacity up to 300 pounds. Stool fits securely over the tote and protects it from dust, weather and other elements.

Floating De-Icer

Ice Chaser Floating De-Icer 1250 Watt

Manufacturer: Farm Innovators
Model: H-418

For use in all tanks up to 300 gallons.

Plug De-Icer

Drain Plug De-Icer 1500 Watt

Manufacturer: Farm Innovators
Model: DPH-15

Custom design for use in all Rubbermaid Stock Tanks.

Increase Your Barn Work Productivity

The products we offer are ideal for making work on a barn easier. We also offer specialized animal maintenance and hygiene products including fur-grooming shampoos. Call us at 570-278-9453 today or visit our shop to see the pet care products we offer.