Four snacks your bird will love

Unlike some pets like cats and dogs, feeding birds certain types of food usually reserved for humans can actually be healthy for them. Here are just a few suggestions from Alyson Burgess from on some good things to feed your bird besides their normal feed:

Birds love a variety of fruits – especially bananas. They hold a lot of vitamins and taste great to them. Make sure that you don’t give them too many at once though because bacteria can start to build on them after a while. If there is still uneaten fruit after a couple hours, be sure to take it out of the cage.

Birds enjoy a variety of different types of vegetables such as peas, carrots, broccoli and asparagus. Make sure that they are fully cleaned and they’ll most likely want to eat it.


Just like birds at the park or on the beach, your pet bird will love eating bread. Be sure to break it up into small, manageable pieces.

While they are high in fat and should be fed to your bird in moderation, nuts can be great tasting and fun for your birds to eat. Breaking into one will give their jaw a little exercise. However, make sure they are unsalted because salt can be harmful to birds.