Pest Control Products

Wild Bird Care and Pest Control

Free your garden from pest infestation with the superb pest control products from Montrose Feed & Supply in Montrose, PA. We sell a wide selection of products devoted to bug and insect control. We also have bottled nectars and other special products that are perfect for wild bird care.

Lawn and Garden Chemicals

Let your home stand out with a beautiful lawn and garden. If you are having a hard time taking care of your lawn and garden due to some factors in the environment or some insects that keep on putting your efforts to waste, take advantage of the chemicals we sell. These chemicals are proven to be effective.

Buy All Your Needs in One Shop

Why let yourself exert too much effort, moving from one store to another just to complete the items in your “to buy” list? All the animal care products are here in our store. From the most basic necessities, down to the cutest toys, expect that we have them in stock for you. For inquiries and other related concerns, give us a phone call. You may also send us a message using the online contact form.