Lawn, Garden, and Pond Products

Landscaping and Pond Building Supplies

If you need to redesign your garden or build your pond, get the right lawn, garden, and pond products. Visit or call Montrose Feed & Supply in Montrose, PA to learn more about the landscaping and pond building products we offer.We have what you need to help keep your lawn healthy and green and your pond bursting.

Miracle Gro Water Can Single Water Soluble
Plant Food

Manufacturer: Scotts Miracle Gro Products
Model: 995795

Feeds Through The Roots and Leaves

Blue Pond Dye

Crystal Blue Pond Dye

Maintains your pond all year long. Crystal Blue is our line of lake and pond colorant. Unlike other brands that may leave your pond looking green, Crystal Blue uses a proprietary formula to provide a beautiful royal blue color to your lake or pond all year long.

Pond Sticks

Pond Sticks

Manufacturer: TetraPond
Model: 16483

An ideal maintenance diet that provides nutrition for energy, longevity, and overall health. Feed in spring, summer, and fall, when water temperatures are 50 degrees and above. Premium nutrition for goldfish and koi.

Greensweeper Rake 30 In.

Manufacturer: Ames True Temper
Model: 19230

This lightweight rake is used for raking leaves, grass and other loose garden material.

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The products we offer range from explorer merchandise to lawn care. If you have questions or need consumables, do not hesitate to call our shop for assistance. The staff members of Montrose Feed & Supply look forward to assisting you.